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Week 8 - need funds to extend through June

Thank you for your continued support of Feed the Fight Durham! We completed another big week of deliveries, with 985 meals served. Through Saturday, May 23rd: 6,820 meals delivered 54 restaurants onboard $94,000 raised Good news: Special thanks to our generous friend Pradeep Baliga for our biggest donation yet! This funded almost a week of deliveries. Shout out to Cleveland May for his videos showcasing Feed the Fight Durham and several of our restaurants. These inspiring and fun videos can be seen on our FB page Feed the Fight Durham NC and Instagram feedthefightdurham Bad news: Although we've raised $94k, our fundraising has slowed and we don't have enough to make it through June, even with our reduced delivery schedule. We had really hoped to continue supporting out Feeders and Fighters through June but need $135k to make that happen. Please help if you can.

(see attached map for details) 

How to help: Donate at Order merchandise at Stay safe, support your healthcare workers, order from local restaurants Spread the word Future: I can't end on a negative, especially since this has been such a win-win for the Feeders and Fighters (and fun for the Founders). Right now our healthcare workers aren't currently inundated and our restaurants are working to open up. Please know that Feed the Fight Durham will continually reassess the need to resume deliveries and will keep you posted.    Thank you so much for all you've done to support Feed the Fight Durham, Julia, Ann, Judy, Lindsay, and Susan J

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