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Week 7 update - extending to June

Hello Durhamites and Friends of Durham,

Thank you for your continued support of Feed the Fight Durham, dedicated to funding local restaurants to deliver meals to local healthcare workers. Feed the Fight Durham completed another big week of deliveries, with 1,210 meals served. 

Through Saturday, May 17th: 5,870 meals delivered 51 restaurants onboard $82,0000 raised

Fun stuff:

  • Feed the Fight Durham was mentioned in today's Daily Skimm!

Future: Feed the Fight Durham is slowing down to 875 meals scheduled for this coming week. At this point, Duke Health is more concerned about the impact of COVID19 in fall than right now. The Feed the Fight Durham group agreed to keep going at a reduced rate rather than to halt and then resume deliveries. 

For June, if we have funds, we will fund 410 meals weekly - delivering daily from Monday - Friday for Duke, and continuing with our 2x/week for Durham VA and 3x/week for the Ronald McDonald House. 

Current projected funding needs are $115,000 through May with an additional $6,150/week after that. Details attached.  Funding: Feed the Fight Durham has raised more than $82,000 from more than 500 donors! This week we received $2,500 from the Sargent Charitable Fund and a $5,000 donation from Tito's Handmade Vodka (we have several of their restaurants in our rotation, which you will see on future social media posts). We have several large donations coming in so our projections are closing in on our original goal of $100,000. 

Friends: Please continue to help Feed the Fight Durham by staying safe, supporting your healthcare workers, ordering from local restaurants, and spreading the word. Anything you can do to tell people about Feed the Fight Durham is helpful. And as always, if you feel inclined to donate again, go for it! 

Thank you so much,

Julia, Ann, Judy, Lindsay, and Susan 

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